Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Simple Things

Lovely Christina, at soul aperture, invited bloggers and friends to create lists of Simple Things that bring joy and contentment, even when January threatens the blahs and blues.  Here's my winter list of simple things that always make me smile.

   Losing myself in a little boy’s brown eyes

Listening to my daughter sing:
You are My Sunshine to my grandson each evening

Hearing my son’s baritone voice say, “I love you Mom,”
before he goes back to his world in Colorado

My dad’s favorite baseball cap sitting on top of my computer desk

Cleveland Indians Forever

 Wrapped in a “storm at sea” quilt created by the loving hands of my mom

Feather pillows enclosed in a lacy-edged case
Running my hand over the bumpy nodes on the paper inside a grass journal
Lavender soaps wrapped in paper and tied with ribbon piled in a bowl
Tea in a pretty cup rimmed in gold with peach roses circling round it
Warm chocolate chip cookies, just out of the oven, dunked in ice-cold milk
Getting so caught up in renewing an old friendship that we forget lunch
Brand new warm, wooly socks
Favorite books stacked in a pile on the desk
Words that sing straight to my heart
The new shoots on my rosemary plant wintering over indoors

An undaunted sun, shining through the naked branches of trees,
offering a promise of spring


SE'LAH... said...

those "i love you mom" is enough to melt anyone's heart. sweet list.

one love.

JoLyn said...

beautifully said. My favorite: An undaunted sun, shining through the naked branches of trees,
offering a promise of spring.

Thank you for adding a smile to my day!

My list is here:

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

Lovely, lovely list!!

All of these just bring a smile to my face, joy! Here is my favorite:

Getting so caught up in renewing an old friendship that we forget lunch..!

That is just great! Thank you for sharing!

Maryjo said...

Thank you for your list.
chocolate chip cookies and the promise of spring...who could ask for more?

Cora said...

"Words that sing straight to my heart"...Oh yes, that is beautiful! Lovely list, thanks for sharing it with us!
Thanks for your visit with me too!

Sherry said...

There is something about our children, no matter their ages, that just pulls at our pleasure string...I believe we call it "love". Enjoyed your list! xo

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

I loved your Simple Things list and photos! I also have a son in Colorado,,beautiful state! Can we ever get enough of getting lost in our grandchildren's sweet wonderful!

Sarah said...

All fantastic but the last one is just perfect!

Christina said...

"i love you mom"
such a simple and glorious list.
i can smell the lavender soap from here.

Sometimes Sophia said...

Many of your simple things are mine, too. How could I leave out the "I love you, mom" from my favorite boy? Gorgeous photo, too!

Thanks for visiting. :)

She Writes said...

These are great things! I love this idea!

Kiki said...

Wonderfully enchanting and heartfelt post! Super beautiful..I enjoyed reading your array of simple things! Gorgeous photos too by the way!

Jenners said...

We had quite a bit of overlap on our lists! Books, cookies ... what could be better? And I love that you included photos too. That was a nice touch.

Relyn said...

I love this. Is there anything sweeter than a mother crooning to her child?

linda said...

such a lovely list and one excited person as i have a wonderful new blog to read....i didn't realize this one was lurking on the flip side ;)

also thank you for your compassionate note on my post about picasso and touched me deeply.