Monday, August 16, 2010

Meet Sara

Isn't she beautiful?

Caroline, a photographer and blogger, is in the midst of a beautiful project she calls 31 Faces in 31 Days and I've been finding inspiration through the faces of strangers that she's captured. When Caroline of Constantly Evolving penned a blog post at  Inspiration Studio  inviting others to join her I decided to step out of my camera comfort zone of flowers, still lifes, and nature and give it a whirl. . The mission is to approach someone I don't know and ask if I can take a photo.  This is what Caroline has been doing for the past 16 days resulting in a stunning tapestry of stories with the common thread that each face is a stranger to her.   

This morning, after an hour or so at the doc attentively waiting while the little fellow had a new cast put on, we stopped for breakfast at a local restaurant. Sara, our waitress was an irresistible subject with a big smile and deep brown eyes that sparkled when she spoke. I asked if I could take her picture. She answered yes with a smile and an apology that she isn’t very photogenic. I beg to differ…she’s a beautiful woman with a sterling personality to match. She let me fumble with my camera and snap a few shots that really do not capture those gorgeous deep brown eyes or the big smile that lights up her face.

Sara was such a pleasure as our waitress and as my first venture into photographing someone I don't know, but I doubt I'd ever taken this step without the inspiration and encouragement of Caroline.  A big thank you to both Sara and Caroline!

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Kiki said...

Such a wonderful story! Shine on!