Saturday, February 13, 2010

I Loved You

I loved you when my green eyes first met your brown ones. A singular moment caught between two people, held as the world halted in its orbit, and released when I lowered my eyes from your stark gaze.

I loved you when the joy of a new acquaintance turned into something extraordinary…a surprise, a shock, a stunning moment in a life.

I loved you when you made me laugh as we ate burgers and sipped beer from mugs, like two kids with newly found emotions wrapped in youthful excitement.

I loved you when the feather-light pressure of your hand on the small of my back, escorted me into rooms and into your life with confident belief in your presence.

I loved you when we melted over each other like quick silver, forming to every curve and filling each crevice with heart and soul.

I loved you as you slept, your arm slung over your face haphazard and handsome, my head on your chest listening to the rough beating beneath the strength and frailty of you.

I loved you when we walked a desolate beach, wind-blown and goose-bumped, watching the white-capped waves rush to meet us at the edge of our world of moments.

I loved you strumming your guitar, your voice echoing James Taylor as palm trees whipped beyond the walls and the wind keened a song of what’s to come.

I loved you when those three words whispered against my shoulder sent shivers coursing through my body finding the mark deep within my very being.

I loved you even when the words, “but not enough” fell from my lips, ragged and parched with the exquisite pain of knowing love and letting it go.

I loved you when your eyes filled with tears, while on your knees pleading for me to “…not wax indignant, but understand.”

I loved you like a quivering sparrow searching for spring while clinging to a branch covered with newly formed buds beneath frosty white, fragile and wistful.

I loved you, I lost you and I am better for it insists Lord Tennyson. I know now, that poet spoke a life truth. I survived the journey without you and I am a better person because...

I loved you


Kiki said...

Beautiful, poetic.. and extremely heart- touching..!

Maryjo said...

Wow...that's all I can

Nothing more needs to be said because you already said it, exquisitely

She Writes said...

Beautiful... I can't even speak.

linda said...

this is very beautiful...movingly so...... thank you for sharing such gorgeous eloquence...

JoLyn said...

This is so tender. Bless you.

Christina said...

it's so real and beautiful.