Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pearls of Me

I wandered about and discovered bloggers casting pearls of themselves out in the open and decided to do the same...

I am: searching desperately for T

I think: life is too short

I know: very little

I want: something more

I have: long hair that's about to be cut

I dislike: Music that can’t be turned off on blogs and websites

I miss: CP

I feel: like gray clouds have taken up residence in my heart

I hear: Sarah McLachlan singing Blackbird

I smell: conditioner on my hair

I crave: the Atlantic Ocean

I usually: cook from scratch

I search: endlessly for that intangible something

I wonder: why

I regret: not following my dreams and gut instinct

I love: deeply

I care: about too much

I always: cry during touching songs, movies, life moments

I worry: whether there will ever be enough

I remember: way too much

I dance: with wild abandon when the mood strikes

I sing: every day

I don’t always: make my bed

I argue: for the heck of it

I write: every day, but not nearly enough

I lose: courage way too easily

I wish: I had more money

I listen: to everyone

I don’t understand: why

I can usually be found: writing in front of a computer

I am scared: that life will slip through my fingers

I need: to stop being a afraid

I forget: people’s names and numbers

I am happy: most of the time


She Writes said...

I lose courage easily too!

septembermom said...

I enjoyed your post! Thank you for visiting my blog today. I also liked your contribution to Write With Pictures. It's a fun place to write and share. I love your "why" answers here. That does apply to many things for me too.

Relyn said...

I'm a big cryer, too. I love that about myself. I hope you do as well. What a great post. I enjoyed this little peek into your heart.

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

Happy most of the time, but a crier, too. Atlantic Ocean, always!

Love this list, it's so clear!

Aurora said...
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Aurora said...

Hi Theresa. I think I saw something like this over at Caroline's. I really like it. Is it okay if I use it on mine - with my own answers, of course?

I like your blog, having read the last 4 or 5 posts. The 'i loved you' one specially.

It doesn't matter if everything has been written before, every picture taken, or you feel depressed and ooky. You are still an angel finding her wings and sharing their wind as your words pass through our lives:)

T Opdycke said...

Amy...I'm so glad that I'm not alone in some of these personalities quirks.

septembermom...Thank you for stopping by. I'm finding Write with Pictures to be a fun site.

Relyn...Do you get embarassed when the tears pour at the movies? I sure do!

Marion...I lived on Cape Cod for about 5 years and I'm still yearning for the smell of salt air after five years.

Aurora...thank you for visiting. This idea is not mine, but one I borrowed from septembermom. I did read it on several other blogs, too, but not sure who was the initial creator.

Shrinky said...

So, um, you are just like the rest of us then? (Only far more articulate and talented!) Wonderful post, so glad I dropped by..

Teresa O said...

Yeah, I guess I am like most of the human race, Shrinky...thanks for reminding me! Thanks for the kudos, too!

Christina said...

i loved learning more about you. ; )
i have been working on my list.

Caroline said...

Loved reading this!

I enjoyed doing this exercise too. And thank you for stopping by my blog and "delurking." So nice to meet you. xoxo

JoLyn said...

Very good list. So nice to know you a little more. You, I think, are very brave--you have much more courage than I do in your writing. I admire that about you.