Friday, March 5, 2010

About My Writing

Lately, I’ve been more of a reader than a writer and that’s ok. It’s more than ok it’s a damn good thing. I like scurrying down my blog list, reading posts by my favorites and leaving thoughtful comments. I’ve also rebooted my journal. Writing it out on a clean white sheet of paper satisfies me to the core. From the feel of the paper beneath my hand to how I grasp a black ink pen, it’s a tactile experience. It’s one of the few times I allow the whisperings of my heart to flow from hand to page without censure. If I’m angry…I write it in stark, emotional, bare-bones words. If I’m feeling benevolent and kind toward the world, a flowery prose ends up in the journal.

Then there are the days when I become the creator rather than the reactor. Those are the writing times I love best. I have no need to cleanse myself with words or cut my soul open to release life’s venom. Instead, I delve into that magical place of fantasy and fiction. It’s the place where I conjure up characters that reside in a population 2000 place, like the town where I grew up. The descriptive part of writing intrigues me and in a first writing I lose myself in painting my picture of Cape Cod, Chicago, or Comfrey, an imaginary region. Getting lost in the minutiae of life delights me and often reveals the inner sanctum of a character that might not otherwise be exposed.

Then comes the characters themselves, those personalities that populate the places I’ve been, the places I’d like to go, and the places I can never physically go because they exist only through me. At times, the characters become so real I dream of them, I worry what may happen to them, and I watch them develop through my words. I’ve discovered the hardest character to bring to life is the evil one…that spirit that makes bad decisions that hurt others for whatever reason. Does every story need a villain, an antagonist? Perhaps not, but it sure adds to the mystery and excitement.

Writing fiction is a deep-rooted love that started when I was a little girl. I’d pen my words in a yellow tablet after my sister fell asleep. These days, while the rest of the world slumbers, I escape to my fictional world of overrun gardens, brick buildings, and a man living on the fringe of small town society trudging through life with eyes wide open. I pen short stories and novels, unfinished and waiting for a conclusion.

Have you started a book, a novel, a memoir?


JoLyn said...

Your writing is so compelling. You created a different mood with each paragraph for me asyou described your writing. Beautiful.

Yes I have written fiction--mostly for children. However I'm never very satisfied with it. I have a tendency to want everybody to be too happy-- I never seem to get the right amount of conflict to have a good story!!

Teresa O said...

I wrote a children's story as a final project in a creative writing class. Unfortunately, the prof told me that it was too sophisticated for children and I should rethink writing for kids. That was the last time I made an attempt to gear my writing toward children. I'm never satisfied, either, but I'm working on it.

Kiki said...

Yay..wonderful post!Happy you are brimming with magic and excitment. It is funny how we can create characters and worry for them and all..ha ha..I totally relate! Fun post!
Happy writing..

Teresa O said...

Aww....thanks Kiki! Isn't it amazing how those fictional folk become so real? Sometimes, it's scary too!

septembermom said...

You make me want to pick up my pencil right now! I admire your dedication to your craft. I need to start working more diligently on my poetry.

JoLyn said...

I always look forward to your writing, Teresa...and I really love your new header. Keep meaning to tell you that!

Teresa O said...

septembermom...Good, do work on your poetry. I'm really enjoying your blog and the Write Picture challenges.

JoLyn...thanks so much for reading my posts. Thanks too for the header comment.

Aurora said...

No... I get about a page and then run out of things to say.
My blog is where I write and create.
It's really been a summation of my life for the last 4 years, except when I've deleted my posts out of embarrassment.

Teresa O said...

Hi Aurora...blogging came long after writing for money, life, and pleasure. It's an interesting journey to be sure. Thanks for stopping by!

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

I love the balance of reading and writing and how sometimes I just need to be taking words in than giving them out. Then the opposite becomes true and as you beautifully put it "creator rather than the reactor".

Your writing is beautiful and I hope that your fiction goes to the places you want it to, grows along with you. And, selfishly, I hope you share it with us!

Christina said...

you are a glorious, writer. oh yes mam, you are!
i do a bit of writing in my journal. : )

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