Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rainy Day in May

It’s been a wet May so far. Last week it rained, hailed, and the winds came blowing across the region with a ferocity that knocked over wooden swing sets, set limbs free from trunks, and moaned as it snaked around the corner. Today, clouds heavy with rain, linger like a low, gray ceiling. What to do on a rainy day?

Stare out the window at naked stalks of dandelion sporting white pored heads among grass grown too long because mowing wet grass is never a good idea.

Keep the Weather Channel on in the background hoping for a glimmer of sunshine in the forecast.

Grab tweezers and do a little facescaping. Shape the brows, check for unwanted hairs or stiffies, as I adoringly call them, on the chin.

Slap a white muddy face mask on after careful plucking. Write a blog post in the fifteen minutes it takes for the stuff to dry and pull the skin tighter.

Sigh a lot.

Ponder article and query ideas. Check the list, check it twice and decide to create an organized, informational spreadsheet in Excel.

Watch the tops of trees wave to-and-fro in a wind dance.

Put headphones on and listen to a Sting CD, Sacred Love. Muse over the song Stolen Car and what a naughty little story it is. (Yes, I know the Weather Channel is still on, too.)

Check the MLB site to find out how the Indians and Red Sox are faring. Yikes! Both in 4th with the Sox 5 games out and the Indians 9.   *sad face*

Look up dates to go to a Mud Hens game.

Become a voyeur and watch the Cape Cod cams to see what’s going on in my favorite place.

Finally…stop procrastinating and get busy on this rainy day in May.

Ciao, Bellas!


JoLyn said...

Your post gave me a good laugh this morning. It's raining here too, and I realized I am procrastinating and avoiding everything on my to-do list! Thanks for nudging me to get going!

MJ said...

It's never a waste of time to watch the Cape Cod cams!

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

Spring can be elusive, but it seems to me that you are making the most of these rainy days! I love the masque, blog and Sting combination -

Imagining the glow that comes from that is similar to the spring sun!

She Writes said...

Loving the photos, hate the rain ;).

Aurora said...

It drizzled here this morning, mostly fog.
Thanks for reminding me to tweeze my chin hairs:)

Enjoy the Cape Cod cams!

Loving Annie said...

Hope the sunshine has come out:)