Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Times They Are A Changin'

This is it, folks. This is my last day of exquisite freedom and I plan to eat tuna sandwiches for lunch while watching the insanity of Bravo dwellers. Yes I tune in, without shame, to psychotic Housewives and chefs creating dishes I don’t think the cats would even sniff. What’s worse is my newfound rubbernecking at MTV shows like The City, but I digress and I’m wasting time.

No, I’m not heading for vacation on a secluded island in some exotic location. No, I’m not going to jail. And thankfully, my computer glitches and problems have been solved. Nope…the end to my freedom comes at the grimy hands of “zee leetle devil” (That’s a story I really need to tell). Thursday is the last day of school.

“So what?” You ask. “You have one more day of silver silence.”

“No I don’t! Tomorrow is another day of digging up the side yard in an attempt to grow veggies. That means, two of my brothers armed with a rototiller, shovels, and beer show up to do the grunt work while I run to McDonald’s for Happy Meals. So this is it, my precious hours of alone time to write, blog, and do whatever I want are spent and gone.

The invasion begins *long bosom heaving sigh* and I have no choice but to leap into Mimi mode. That means I become grandmother/nanny for the next three months. I’m looking forward to the neighbor kid crawling under my bed searching for a cat to thrust his plastic laser into. I can’t wait until the fighting over Bravo or Cartoon Network begins. I’m eager to start pleading and bribing zee leetle devil into washing his hands before lunch, picking up the mountain of toys that traveled from bedroom to living room, and roasting like a chicken in the sun while he swims in his inflatable pool. Summer is here and the times they are a changin’, much to my chagrin.

You all know me…I’m the softtiest lady around and when it comes to the little man in my life he can ALMOST do no wrong. I’m looking forward to sharing summer fun with the little urchin, but man I’m going to miss my alone time lunching with tuna and Bravo


linda said...

i read this and realized how very long ago i felt this way....maybe 20 years? my kids are all very grown, my last is almost 29 and thank goodness, i had them all in my twenties so i could get through it, here's to you, blog when you can, teach him, is there but one? , teach him to take care of himself and YOU for a change--he'll love it amidst the moans and groans....with bros in the sideyard heaving and hoeing? well, you really cannot win, my here's to fall :)

Relyn said...

We're on just the opposite schedule. My summer started last Friday and my in-laws came for a visit. They leave on Tuesday and summer school begins. So, for the entire month of June, I have the morning all to myself. All the wonderful 5 hours of it. All alone. Pure bliss!