Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sensible to Sensual

I wrote a short story for Magpie Tales, but I'm too late to submit it. Just click on the Written with Soul tab to find the story.            



Marion Williams-Bennett said...

Arggghh! I can't find the written with Soul it me? Looking forward to reading you story!

Teresa O said...

Hi Marion...thank you for stopping by. Hmmm...there should be three links or tabs in red at the top of the page just under the header that say: Home
Written with Soul
Written with a Lens

If you still don't see them, let me know.

Aurora said...

I read it. Very nice transformation - It IS the way that feels, and you captured it very well indeed:)!

Caroline said...

I loved it! Your writing is so vivid...I felt like I became this woman. Fabulous transformation!

I started another blog (which I don't really talk about) with stories like this. Would love for you to read sometime. No pressure ;)

She Writes said...

You should write more fiction :). I read it and I liked it.

Teresa O said...

Hi Caroline...thanks for stopping by and for the your thoughts on my fiction. I will definitely pop over and read your stories.

Amy...I'm glad you liked it. Unfortunately, fiction doesn't pay the bills (yet..???)so I have to concentrate on non-fiction. I have loads of fiction that needs cleaned up. I hope I can get to those "babies" and post some of them here. Thanks for stopping by.