Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Between Brothers

****************** Language Warning *************************

"Let’s roll puke," George said slapping his younger brother’s head.

Charlie responded, "Hey! Whadja do that for?"

Shifting the Barracuda into second gear George goaded, "You are not normal, ya little prick."

"Am too!"

"Do you even know what normal means?"

"Yeah, I do. It's being like everybody else."

Well, that leaves you out. You forget every thing; otherwise I wouldn’t have to drive you to school. Hell you probably forget to wipe your ass after taking a dump."

"Do not!"

George pulled up to the sidewalk and socked his brother in the shoulder. "Hey, good luck with try-outs tonight."

I have three brothers and based this 100 Word Challenge on thousands of conversations between the two or three of them that I've overheard.  Hike on over to LceeL's blog, Velvet Verbosity's 100 Word Challenge to give writing it in 100 words a try or read other writers' take on this weeks prompt, normal.


PattiKen said...

My brother is 13 years older, so I was spared this kind of dialog around the house. I'm sure my own sons communicated this way, but they were care not to let it reach my ears, except when it did.

Good job capturing brotherly love.

Teresa O said...

Pattiken...thanks for stopping by. I have an older and two younger brothers, so I was surrouned by testosterone talk while growing up. I have a son and a daughter, but discovered it's a different dynamic. Soap certainly did work as a detergent deterent to a dirty mouth.

Aurora said...

That totally sounds like what brothers say to one another all over the world growing up!

Nice writing again, Teresa :)

Tara R. said...

This could have been an exchange between my daughter and her brother. Wonderfully realistic dialog.

AuroraLee said...

Never had to endure this 'torment', but great little piece. I can see the scene as I read it. great work :)

Teresa O said...

Aurora... I swear to you, this is exactly how my brothers talked to each other. Thanks for the kudos.

Tara R...Thanks for your comments. I have a son and a daughter, but their conversations were never quite as salty as my brothers.

AuroraLee...I could tell you were lucky, but I kinda love those three brothers of mine. They could try the patience of sisters, but in the end it's all about family. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

LceeL said...

My best friend, as a boy, and his brother - who lived across the street - used to interact with each other in that way.